Overcoming Immunosuppression Mediated by HIO Factors

Humoral immunity utilizes antibodies and immune-effector cells as well as molecular immune complexes involving the complement system to mediate the killing of dysregulated cancer cells. We refer to these anti-cancer mechanisms as Humoral Immuno-Oncology (HIO). Suppression of HIO is mediated by tumor-produced proteins called HIO factors.

Using our unique patient tumor screening methods, we have identified multiple HIO factors that appear to be involved in different cancer types. The graphic below provides an example of the mechanism by which HIO-1 suppresses the killing of cancer cells mediated by antibodies and carried out by complement and NK cells.

Our proprietary Block-Removed Immunoglobulin Technology (BRITE) and screening platforms enable us to engineer antibodies to be refractory or antagonist to the immunosuppression mediated by the HIO factors. Visit our Publications page.

Humoral Immunity Suppressed by HIO-1 factor
Humoral Immunity Suppressed By Hio 1 Factor