Navrogen operates within the emerging field called humoral immuno oncology (HIO), developing novel therapies against humoral immuno-suppressed cancers. Our cornerstone technology focuses on the unique mechanisms of HIO immune suppression thus enabling the development of novel therapeutics that can overcome this tumor survival mechanism. Humoral immunity utilizes antibodies and immune-effector cells, such as natural killer (NK) cells, macrophages and monocytes, as well as molecular immune complexes involving the complement system to mediate the killing of dysregulated cancer and virally infected cells. HIO-suppressed cancers are composed of tumor cells producing immuno-suppressive factors that reduce the activity of a patient’s inherent humoral immunity as well as antitumor responses by therapeutic antibodies such as Rituxan® and Herceptin® through direct interaction of HIO-factors with a tumor-targeting antibody or its receptor on immune-effector cells. Our mission is to be an industry leader in the treatment of HIO-suppressed cancers. Our proprietary antibody engineering and drug screening platforms, called Block-Removed Immunoglobulin Technologies (BRITE), provide us with the tools to discover HIO-suppressive factors and overcome HIO suppression through our engineering platforms to yield HIO-refractory therapies. We are leveraging our platforms to develop a unique pipeline of therapeutic candidates, including NAV-001, NAV-003, NAV-004, NAV-005, NAV-006, NAV-201, NAV-205.  The compounds in our pipeline have a mechanism of action (MoA) to act against tumor immunosuppression including being a) refractory, b) antagonist to the HIO factors; and c) activator of immune cells including NK cells.