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We are leading the way in humoral immuno oncology (HIO) by uncovering tumors producing HIO-factors that suppress responses of immune-mediated anti-cancer therapies. We accomplish this by developing diagnostic assays that can identify patients with tumors producing HIO-factors to advise physicians on therapeutic options as well as developing therapeutic agents that can overcome the immuno-suppressive effects of HIO-factors

25+ years of experience in biotechnology

Chief Executive Officer

CEO and co-founder of Navrogen, former President, CEO and co-founder of Morphotek. Ph.D. in Human Genetics from Thomas Jefferson University

Chief Scientific Officer

CSO and co-founder of Navrogen Inc. former VP, CSO and co-founder of Morphotek. Ph.D. in Pathology from the University of Catania, Italy

VP Financing

VP of Finance and Operations of Navrogen, former Executive Director of Accounting and Finance at Morphotek. B.S. in Accounting from West Chester University

Sen. Director of R&D

Sen. Director of R&D at Navrogen, former Director of antibody discovery and development at Morphotek. Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology from the University of Miami.

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Navrogen Inc

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Steve Kyriakos
+1(610) 399-2717

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