Experienced in Biotechnology

Chief Executive Officer

CEO & co-founder. Former CEO & co-founder of Morphotek. Ph.D. in Human Genetics, Thomas Jefferson University

Chief Scientific Officer

CSO & co-founder. Former VP, CSO and co-founder of Morphotek. Ph.D. in Pathology, University of Catania, Italy

VP Financing

VP of Finance and Operations. Former Executive Director of Accounting at Morphotek. B.S. in Accounting, West Chester University

Sen. Director of R&D

Sen. Director of R&D. Former Director of Antibody Development at Morphotek. Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology, University of Miami.

Nicholas Nicolaides, PhD, (President & CEO) and Luigi Grasso, PhD, (SR VP & CSO) have each 24 years experience in biopharma. After leading the discovery team at Magainin Pharmaceuticals (1996-2000), they co-founded Morphotek (2000-2018), where they raised over $78M in VC funds and delivered shareholder returns via M&A (Eisai for $350M). At Morphotek, Drs. Nicolaides and Grasso established an integrated biopharma with pipeline of 8 clinical-stage candidates, as well as executed >$50M in revenue-generating business development transactions. They are inventors of many antibody technologies/products (>70 patents issued). In 2018, Drs. Nicolaides and Grasso co-founded Navrogen and raised $3.2M to date.